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We wrote a book!

The secret is out! This has been a long and ridiculously fun experience and as of today it's official: our book The Twin Connection will be published by Wyatt-MacKenzie and available this fall! You'll be hearing much more in the next few our Twitter for updates!


Hannah and Cailin Loesch are seventeen-year-old identical twins who have been writing all their lives. Some of their earliest memories are of days spent sitting side by side on the floor of the bedroom that they shared, writing down each of their experiences in journals that they made themselves. Now, as online reporters for Emmy-winning newsmagazine series Teen Kids News and bloggers for Huffington Post Teen, Hannah and Cailin are already living out their lifelong dream of being journalists—and loving every minute of it. They say that their favorite part of journalism is being able to tell stories, which is exactly what they did in their first book, The Twin Connection.

Inspired by seventeen years of daily questions from strangers—“What’s it like being twins?”, “Can you read each other’s minds?”, “Do you two have the same dreams?”—Hannah and Cailin wrote this book to finally give the world a personal look into the life of a twin. Filled with enough ups and downs to build a roller coaster, Hannah and Cailin show that twinhood can be thrilling, frustrating, terrifying, and hilarious—all at the same time. Through a collection of heartwarming and heartbreaking stories and family photos which span over their seventeen years, The Twin Connection switches perspectives as Hannah and Cailin share stories that are personal to them as individuals.

Though the book is about the bond that only identical twins know, Hannah and Cailin hope that their stories are inspiring, entertaining and relatable to all who read them. A fun read for people of all ages, The Twin Connection is the perfect book for other sets of identical twins, parents of twins, or anyone looking for an interesting story.


We are teenagers, and wrote the book using a teenage sense of humor. However, we were inspired by the near-constant questions we get from people of all ages about the fact that we’re twins, and answered all of those questions through the stories in the book. This would be the perfect read for anyone who has ever been curious about twins and their unique relationship (and based on our experience, that’s a lot of people!), but at the core, this is a book about triumph and overcoming obstacles like everyone must do in life—twin or not. Teens especially can relate to the stories of tough times at school and mischievous pranks, while adults can learn about the mind of a teenager and make connections to their own experiences. We wrote this book so that it can be enjoyed by everyone, but the target audience is certainly teens just like us.